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Download Version 2.35

Click here to begin download.

Hint: for a faster upgrade from a previous version of Cribbage, you can run the .msi file straight from the zip without unzipping it.
Cribbage 2D has been tested to work on the following operating systems:

Windows 98 Second Edition
Windows Me
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Windows 2003
Windows Vista
Windows 7

Installation Preparation

CribbageOnline requires the Microsoft .NET Framework. Click here to detect the .Net Framework on your computer. Microsoft recommends that all general users go to Microsoft Windows Update to install the .NET Framework. (Note: if the .NET Framework is missing from the options available at Windows Update, install all Critical Updates and Service Packs and it will appear.)

  1. Click here to download Cribbage 2D
  2. Unzip the 3 files to your hard drive and click on "setup.exe" (If you don't have the .NET Framework you will be prompted to download it. Click "No" and install the .NET Framework from "Windows Update" for your version of Windows)
  3. Click through the Installer
  4. Run Cribbage2D from your desktop shortcut or start menu
Post Installation

Cribbage 2D is Free in Single-Player mode or Multi-Player mode. You can play against your friends or find new people to play against, all for Free. Chose either Beginner or Advanced from the Single-Player menu to begin a new game. Further assistance can be found here. Enjoy!!
If you wish to play online click Connect from the Multi-Player Menu, enter your desired username and password, and click the Connect button. You will get a Window saying that your Username and Password were not recognized; Click Activate Account to begin playing online.


Click Add/Remove Programs from the Control Panel and uninstall Cribbage2D.


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