Play CribbageWelcome Cribbage Players!

Twoopy Entertainment is proud to present the ultimate online cribbage experience. Click here to download. All online play is FREE. Over the course of the next year we will release several updates to our Cribbage Games. Each update will come closer to providing you the experience of playing Cribbage "in person" with the benefits of playing over the net. As with all Twoopy Entertainment games, this is your game. So, please feel free to send your recommendations and suggestions here. Help us keep CribbageOnline FREE with your donation.

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What makes our game different...

  The smartest bot of any Cribbage Game
  You can do the pegging
  You take muggins for missed points
  You can customize the card designs, sounds, graphics, and more...
  Free online play

The Game

Are you tired of other online games that "play cribbage for you"? If you are a seasoned player and wish to take control of your game then this is the cribbage game for you. If your eyes have glazed over and you have turned into a clicking "human robot" when you play other Cribbage Games then Cribbage Online is the game for you.