Advanced (Manual Score)

If you chose an Advanced game you will have much more control over the game and the game will offer you a more realistic experience. For example, you may find that you have missed some points when you peg your hand. Your opponent will then be able to score the points you missed (this is called "muggins")

When you play a card you will see the this pop-up menu asking you how many points to peg for playing that card. You may click on any of the values to proceed or "Cancel" to select a different card. The first card will automatically play as it is not possible to score any points when playing the first card.

When it is time to count your hand, you will have to click on your back peg where you will see the following menu. Click on the number of points you wish to take for your hand. In Single-Player mode, you will not be allowed to take more points that you have.